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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Driving cross-country... on a Segway

So I know you’ve all been wondering about this photo I posted back in July (and if not, why not?). I must get about a dozen emails a day asking me “What’s the deal with that t-shirt, and how do I get one?” It’s gotten to the point where I can’t answer all the messages personally anymore so I figured it was time I made a public address:

10mph is a fun documentary about a couple of guys who quit their cush jobs in cubicle land and film themselves driving across the country… on a Segway.

It’s a great concept, and an even better movie, but what makes it personal for me is that the filmmakers, Hunter Weeks and Josh Caldwell, are my friends and housemates from college. I don’t usually do promotion, but this film and these guys definitely deserve an exception. They’ve worked out a pretty impressive deal with an organization called OurStage, which supports independent musicians and filmmakers. In order to help my friends out, all you have to do is register (for free) with OurStage using the 10MPH link and they’ll get $1 which they can use to help finish their forthcoming documentary called 10 yards (which incidentally explores a favorite “hobby” of mine, fantasy football). And if you just aren't willing to register with OurStage... you can always make a direct donation to support their work.

But wait, there’s more! Not only do they get $1 for each registration but they are the first filmmakers ever to give away an iTunes download of their film free of charge. That means that once you register with OurStage, you’ll be able to download the entire feature-length documentary. I’ve registered myself and done some research into OurStage (though not in that order) and it is legitimate and offers an opportunity to both support and discover independent artists by voting on their work Hot-or-Not style. Check out an article in the Wired blog about OurStage.

10mph had a successful run on the film festival circuit and did a national tour of theatres this summer. I caught it here in D.C. when the film came through the E St. Cinema and even cut short my African trip by a day to be sure I was home in time. Josh and Hunter have pick-your-price DVDs available on their website and soon they’ll be posting the entire movie on YouTube. Whatever way works the best for you there’s a way to watch the documentary, and trust me, the “tractor” and “self-righteous cop” scenes alone would make the film worth watching.

And, as an added bonus, if you register with OurStage in the next 30 minutes and help them out, then you are allowed to look at my embarrassing decade old photos I am posting below of the filmmakers and I on our Indonesian abroad. This is your opportunity to watch me try to dance… in a skirt. This was probably the stupidest I looked in my entire life (until I sang “I’m too sexy” at karaoke a few months back). You know that’s got to be funny. But you are NOT authorized to look at these photos without registering at Don’t you do it… your guilty conscience will haunt you forever… Now here's that link one last time.


Jan Louis said...

Well I have a pic of you doing "im too sexy"... is that blackmail worthy and how much is it worth to you?

Jon said...

Nah, it's really only the video that worries me there, and I don't believe the owner of said video reads this so I should be safe :-)

hunter said...

i love it. my "michael learns to rock" days. I gotta get a higher-res version of that photo of me if you have it. :)