Note From Jon


Monday, October 20, 2008

Now THAT's a Better Bag!

They're back! My blog post about the demise of the Whole Foods retro bags looks like it was thankfully premature. Not only did Whole Foods return to my favorite style of reusable bags after nearly a year, they actually improved them! While retaining the look and feel of the original retro bags, the new Better Banana bag is made of 100% recycled materials. The cool new black background is also a welcome change from the perky Apple "Better" bag that caused me to launch into this subject in the first place. The new look got favorable comments from both the men and women in my focus group—by which I mean my friends who were over when I got home and found the bag that Jeffrey had brought me. While the color is different, the great graphic design is back, and the size of the bag (and most importantly, the straps) exactly match the previous retro bags. For me the long stretchy straps are the key because they stay firmly planted on my shoulder, and are long enough to turn the bag into a backpack—as I jokingly did while getting lined up for my Century bike ride, and then found I needed to do when I had a bag of clothes to bike across town last week.

See the new bag really would have matched my black and yellow bike kit for the ride! Alright, that's getting carried away and I'm even scaring myself now for noticing that, but thanks to Jeffrey for bringing me the new bag, and thanks to my favorite reusable bag designer "Anonymous" for designing these great bags (and posting comments about them here!), and to Whole Foods for continuing to provide the best line of reusable bags!