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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yellow paint doesn't taste as good as you'd expect...

...and other lessons from paintball:
  • Wear kneepads
  • Play in the winter when layers absorb the impact

  • Check with Alexandra if you want a funny caption; her comment on this photo, "Big Bird shat in your mouth!"

  • Best bet I've heard in a long time was agreed upon at post-paintball dinner. King declares he and his wife don't ever want kids. Joel tells King they'll change their minds. They establish the bet which is hereby witnesseth and recordedeth: Each New Year's Day, starting on January 1st 2009, $10 will be owed. If King has no children (biological or adopted), Joel will pay King. If King has a child, thenceforth King will pay Joel. This agreement shall be in effect so long as they both shall live.

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