Note From Jon


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Total Eclipse of the Moon

On our second astronomical evening of 2008, we confirmed that lunar eclipses are considerably more viewer-friendly than meteor showers. While we did venture outside for a few photo attempts, it turned out the entire show could be thoroughly (and warmly) enjoyed from inside our upstairs window. And it turns out that it’s a good thing the snow clouds parted just in time because we’ll be waiting until December of 2010 for the sequel. As an added bonus Darren even contributed this year’s first Darrenism.


Laura said...

FIE ON YOU! That's *my* karaoke song, now everybody's gonna be stealing it....dammit.

Oh, and we were watching the Tivo'd BIGGEST LOSER and MISSED IT (the moon).....resulting in one of my sweet students saying, "That means YOU'RE the biggest loser cos you missed it!"

So thank you for the photo recap. Goodnight.

Rocky said...

beautiful eclipse shots.

it was too early in kauai for us to see the total eclipse, but we managed to see a bit of the partial eclipse.