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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Since I live just over the river from D.C. and was obviously pleased with the outcome of the election, it was pretty much a given that I'd be out with the masses last Tuesday. Thanks to Sara—and her cousin who mailed the tickets, and my Dad who waited at the house for them to arrive—Mimsi and I actually got to watch from the Silver ticketed area (once we finally found the security gate!).

It was the perfect culmination of a thrilling weekend (well, election campaign, or even lifetime for some) which kicked off with a dry run of maneuvering around the mall amongst the throngs, to see the star-studded lineup of the "We Are One" concert, and continued on Monday with an Education Equality rally, which for me contained the equivalent star power of the concert since I've been hearing and reading about all of these education policymakers. 

Apparently blogging more was not in my New Year's resolutions (or "decisions that just happen to be made in January", as one of my volleyball teammate's would say) but you can at least enjoy the photos.

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