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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Deer Hunt

A new family record was set today (Mother's Day) on our trip to Skyline drive. For the first time since these records were kept (not saying much since that is today) and as far back as anyone can remember this trip was the first time we spotted more than 50 deer. The new record is 52 deer, 49 of which were seen on the drive back from Big Meadow between 8 and 9 pm. Dad was the winner with his guess of 40 deer, though there was some controversy as to whether we should instead double everyone's guess and see who was closest (led by Mimsi and Mom who stood a chance of winning in that case).

Dad 40
Cousin Jennifer 34
Mom 30 (for how many year's she'd been a Mother)
Mimsi 27
Jon 20

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james said...

Hopefully you didn't hit any of those damn deer! Although, I do hear venison and eggs for breakfast can make you grow up strong. I miss Skyline Drive, my friend. The best I can do for you is the 'Festival of Lights' we have over here around Christmas time. If you want to see deer, just wait for my apple tree to drop some apples and then you can go and pet, pet the deer, not the apples.