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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Boy Named Sheldon

Things I learned about Shel Silverstein today (thanks to NPR's All Songs Considered):
  • He wrote "A Boy Named Sue" (music and lyrics) for Johnny Cash
  • He wrote "The Unicorn Song" which became a hit for the Irish Rovers and is sung in Irish Pubs around the world (despite having nothing whatsoever to do with Ireland)
  • He wrote (and sings?) a song about a man who gives up everything for a front row seat to hear Johnny Cash sing, eventually winding up in jail for his antics... where he gets a front row seat to hear Johnny sing one of his famous prison concerts
  • He wrote "The Father of a Boy Named Sue" telling the story from the father's perspective


Jan Louis said...

And to think All I knew was The Giving Tree and A boy named Sue parts... So neat!

Telecomedian said...

He also did a great underground pot song called The Smoke Off that can get you in a smidge of trouble if you're an impressionable young radio deejay at a conservative station.

Just a warning...