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Monday, June 18, 2007

Family Tree-dition

Continued the Father's Day tradition of heading to Skyline Drive with the family. Although the food at Big Meadows was well below what we've come to expect, the rest of the trip was good fun. We visited my grandparents, who I can neither confirm nor deny are scattered at Crescent Rock overlook. Revisited an old friend (90 degree tree as seen in 2007 and 1984) at the Big Meadows lodge. And because it was Father's Day and dad always adds a bear to his deer prediction, we did of course see a bear.

Mimsi won the deer count, though there was some controversy whether we count the deer we saw outside of the park (we don't). I once again picked too low. Since we went earlier and the solstice is in a few days I thought we'd be leaving Big Meadows well before dusk. We didn't and we saw more than my guess of 20 deer just in the meadow.

Deer predictions:
Jon: 20
Dad: 28 (and a bear)
Mimsi: 30
Mom: 50 (and a fox)
Actual: 39 deer, 1 bear


overly effervesant said...

Oh Jon, what a great entry. And when you called to tell us to look at your blog it never dawned on me that you had found the picture. I remembered what you were wearing although I thought you were a bit younger. Mimsi must have been with us as well as Ah Cahen and Bop Cahen. It was a wonderful outing in 1984 and just as great in 2007! I am blessed with a wonderful family with great traditions. Love, Mom
p.s. I still think I won the deer count!!

Alexandra said...

That is an awesome picture of the two yous. You should do that every year to chart the slow but inevitable march of age. Or on second thought maybe not.