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Thursday, October 4, 2007

What we did on our summer vacations...

Darren and I decided to get a bit fancier with this year's SOJDGs. Instead of just watching a movie we kicked off the BBQ season with the Inaugural YouTube Film Festival, and decided to close the season with a slideshow of our friends summer trips (summer trips was rather broadly interpreted). Aside from the plummeting temperature, everything turned out as I had hoped: I got to see my friends' vacation photos and discovered some new spots to add to my travel ToDo list.

For those of you who missed the BBQ (why would you do that?) or couldn't handle the cold, here is your chance to see the slideshow (but not hear it - you'll need to improvise your commentary Mystery Science Theatre style).

If you don't have the time or patience to sit through all 251 photos you can view them as a photo album. On the other hand if 251 photos just aren't enough for you then select any of the of the links below to be taken to additional photos from that person (and you might want to consider getting a more interesting job)

The slideshow consists of (in order):


techkitty said...

Well done, Jon. Well done.

joel said...

thanks for posting these Jon, so bummed I missed it for a Baltimore game. I have chills. Not sure if each person spoke, but Brausebad is "shower" in german. Chilling. Great idea for the event...even if it was mine originally..though I didn't implement! :-)