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Monday, July 21, 2008

60-Finger Salute

Congratulations to 60-Finger Sanchez (Mary's volleyball team that I've been subbing for) for not only making it to the playoffs for the first time in their storied franchise history but for advancing all the way to the championship game (what happened after that is sort of irrelevant). The victorious season was not without consequences though as both Mary and Aaron now share matching fractured ankles :-( I believe Sanchez plans to revel in this season's success and regroup for another run at the championship in the fall. In the mean time we've got plenty of work to do to get Casual Sets into the playoffs in our Wednesday league on the Mall. While I won't claim any credit for being the reason that Sanchez got to the championship game this season, I also won't take any blame for the discovery yesterday that my former softball team (Raising Arizona) is now suddenly in first place in the Congressional League... the year after I stopped playing!

Enjoy a few of Mary and Sara's photos from the Pat Powers clinic and Sanchez's run at the title (note how I move so fast that the camera can't even keep up with me :-p) Ole!

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joel said...

nicely done sanchez. looks like marys kneepads are a tad low??