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Monday, July 14, 2008

Darrenism-a-Day 2008

Darrenisms abound. Perhaps it is because I’ve fallen behind on my blog, or maybe Darren is making them deliberately in an attempt to reclaim the #1 ranking (thanks to a link in a DC art forum, Darrenisms have fallen behind my Artomatic post), but I think the reason for the recent Darrenism surge is simple: I’ve hired a new assistant to track Darrenisms. Darren thinks of Sara as his girlfriend but really that is her secondary role, her primary responsibility is to inform me of any new Darrenisms that slip out. I believe she has caught the last nine of them, so clearly we have the right woman for the job(s).

As a result of this new arrangement (and my tardiness in posting as Sara reported them) we can now celebrate this week with the inaugural Darrenism-a-Day campaign! These Darrenisms run the gamut from the original word-mash Darrenism (e.g. Astrocity) to celebrity Darrenisms, mixed idiom Darrenisms, and we’ll even be introducing slang Darrenisms.

To start things off we’ll show that Darren doesn’t limit his Darrenisms to the English language and will happily skewer some Hawai’ian words as well… each day’s Darrenism can be found at the bottom of the Darrenism archive (to ensure that it regains the lead from the Artomatic post!)


Kristin said...

Does this mean the Darrenism page-a-day desk calendar will be out in time for the holidays?

Jon said...

Hard to say, Darren and I are on the brink of ending our 15+ year friendship over a dispute regarding who owns the commercial rights to Darrenisms :-p