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Monday, August 25, 2008

“And I would bike 100 miles”

Well that’s the plan anyway, and I am now officially registered for my first Century ride on September 21st. My training has consisted of biking to work (20 miles round-trip) 2-3 times a week since May and then doing increasingly longer rides with the Potomac Pedalers each weekend for the past month. Below is a map I will update with my training rides and then finally the Century itself:

Century Training Rides at EveryTrail
Map created by EveryTrail:GPS Geotagging

Even without riding it yet, the Century has been worth it simply because it got me biking to work (well the Century and Darren showing me the direct route). If you live close enough you should definitely try biking to work, and if you don’t live close enough… move! Humor me for a moment with my bike-to-work spiel:

  • No gas: In addition to the monetary and environmental savings, there’s just a rush you get arriving at work knowing that the trip was completely on your own power

  • No traffic: It takes me 10 minutes longer to bike each way than it does to drive, and few things uplift the soul more than biking across the 14th St. bridge next to a line of stopped cars

  • Free exercise: Since it only takes 20 minutes longer to bike I get a 20 mile workout in 20 minutes

  • Time outdoors: Even with most of my commute in an urban setting, I still get a couple of miles along the Potomac with views of all the monuments

And the three most common arguments against biking debunked:

  • “I live too far”: You can always pick a parking lot that is close enough to bike from and drive your bike there and still get most of the benefits

  • “I’d get to work all sweaty”: If you have a shower at work then you are pretty much out of excuses, but even if you don’t, as long as you can keep a change of clothes at work, some deodorant, and a towel to wipe down with, sweat’s not a problem

  • “What if it rains?”: If it’s raining on the way to work, wear rain gear, don’t bike that day, or think of it as extra sweat you wipe down before changing at work. If you get caught in the rain on the way home… well it’s the way home, who cares? If you do care then you can take your bike on metro (outside of rush hour) or put it on the front of a bus, or worst case leave it locked up at work and taxi home

Most importantly though, wear a helmet. As you can see from our photo from the Safety is Sexy blog, “You’d look hotter in a helmet” anyway.

Notes to Jon:
  • Hunter’s Head Tavern in Upperville, VA is a great post-ride or date spot with covered outdoor seating and delicious (and reasonably priced) organic meals with ingredients from the owner’s farm.

  • There’s a dog on Box Factory Rd near Berryville that loves to chase bikes. It’s unnerving but, at least in our experience yesterday, he was more interested in chasing than attacking. I believe the Century goes along this route so hopefully he won’t be in an attacking mood on the 21st (or at least all the faster riders will have tired him out for me!)


glass_window said...

“I’d get to work all sweaty”

If you don't have a shower at work, all that money you're saving on gas can also go toward a gym membership, then you'd also have a nice place to store your sweaty clothes during the day among other things.

Some day I'll find myself motivated enough to do this. For now I'm happily walking a mile to the metro instead.

Laura said...

Congrats, Jon! I just signed up to (FINALLY) do the 3 Day Walk this year. Big stuff!

PS---I love Darren's "booty twitch" in that last photo (watch America's next top model if you don't know wtf i'm talking about) ;) hee hee

Kristin said...

Another solution to "getting to work all sweaty": bring rollerblades with you in a bag, Metro to work, and skate home! It's awesome!

Rocky said...

dah dunt dah