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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Of BBQs, Bags and Boyfriends

This is how Natalie showed up to my most recent BBQ. If you read the Better Bag post, or are otherwise familiar with my ridiculous obsession with collecting the Whole Foods retro bags, you will appreciate what a perfect and unexpected gift this was. This bag is out of print and was only available in Ohio and yet in her infinite resourcefulness (I can neither confirm nor deny whether she simply emailed Whole Foods!) Natalie managed to get me a brand new Buckeyes bag.

All I got her was a boyfriend: the bag was presented to me on the same porch where Natalie met her boyfriend Matt at our BBQ just over a year ago. I like to think of it as a magical matchmaking porch since I just returned from Ohio where our good friends Jamie and Kevin—who met on that same porch four years ago—were married. And thanks to Natalie, I was able to spend the whole weekend celebrating the wedding rather than stalking Ohio Whole Foods stores trying to trade for a Buckeyes bag :-) Thank you Natalie!

I'll soon update this with a slideshow of photos from that BBQ and the wedding


Rocky said...

I think on my next visit I'm camping out on your porch.

Jon said...

Only been in San Francisco for a few months and now you want to meet a boyfriend on my porch too?!? It's a good thing I didn't decide to move out there a few years ago, there are enough people who already assume Darren and I are gay :-)

Natalie said...

All I gotta say is Michelle G. at Whole Foods (corporate) is super nice!

And it does appear I got the better end of the deal with my Matty :)

Alexandra said...

Man, Natalie rocks! What a super star!

I still think only a few couples out of the hundreds of people that have graced the porch do not a magical porch make, but hey, if it gets more hot guys to attend, then I'm not complainin'.