Note From Jon


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

If it's 2001 in Ethiopia... what year is it at this bowling alley!?!

In the biggest how-did-I-miss-that since I learned about the rock slide on a local Shenandoah Hike, I was introduced to this place tonight:

Bowling shoes +
2 games +
1/4 pound cheeseburger (with pickle wedge) +
fries +
16oz Coke (fine, it was a Pepsi) =

... in 2008 ...

... 3 miles from my house ...

... no waiting ...

Out of respect to those who shared its secret location with me, I am not at liberty to divulge any more details or photos.

I found it not a moment too soon though... because both my sister and my mom have been beating me at Wii Bowling (which is not surprising since I failed to break 100 in my first game tonight).

One Note to Jon:
  • When I return on a Friday or Saturday night for the 8pm Cosmic Bowling, have one person show up by 7:15, buy shoes and bowl a game. Once you've got the lane you can hold it all night as your friends show up.


Rocky said...

The manager is weird and the food is awful (though judged on the bowling alley curve, it's probably fine). It's a fun time nonetheless!

It's also a lot less sketchy than some of the other bowling alleys I've been to.

Kristin said...

not to mention, smoke-free!

Stefanie said...

omg,i want to go cosmic bowling. even though my average is about 20 (if i am having a particularly good night). metro accessible?

Rocky Agrawal said...

Sorry, Stefanie, not Metro accessible.