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Monday, August 13, 2007

Crime in Conakry

I made it safely to Conakry on Saturday night. The week before was spent hiking with Hassan Bah in Doucki. Here is a video montage that a previous traveler put up about hiking with Hassan (including footage of the hikes we did, named Wet n' Wild, Indiana Jones World, and Chutes and Ladders):

The embassy apartments are luxurious so it should be a relaxing last week. Although I did get 80000GF nabbed out of my zippered change pocket on the street today, only 20 bucks though. No internet access in the apartment though and no USB at this computer so photos next time. I get back Tuesday August 21st and plan to stay awake to catch at the E St cinema at 7pm. This is the one night the documentary from my college buddies will be on the big screen in DC. Check with Darren for details and come check out the movie and welcome me home.

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