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Sunday, August 19, 2007

I expect to be the only person ever... participate in a fantasy football auction from the "business center" at the Dakar Airport. It wouldn't have been possible without the help of my friend Eric who was on the phone in America with the other players and online with me here in Dakar. In case there was concern (or hope) that I would return home a completely different person, I can assure you that I am still crazy/dedicated/stupid/sad enough to sit here in the sweltering heat and thoroughly enjoy spending 6 hours picking (helping Eric pick) my fantasy football team. I am sure I have changed in some ways though and have definitely had some great adventures which I plan to document here in the coming weeks.

In the photo you can see me in my sweat soaked shirt (I kept a fresh one out to change into as soon as I leave here), the team we picked on the screen, my 1.5 liters of water and the remaining peanut butter which I made a sandwich out of as a snack (breadcrumbs on table in foreground) AND a huge grin on my face. To be fair I did spend a few hours during the day downtown in Dakar and taking a trip to the (in)famous Goree Island where it is believed many slaves last stood on African soil. It was a powerful place (except for all the tourist shops and restaurants) and quite a juxtaposition to my evening. My day today probably sums me up fairly well. For those of you who have any interest in what the first ever (I can't imagine it's ever been done before or will be again) Fantasy Football team picked vicariously from Dakar looks like (and don't feel like squinting at the screen in the photo) here it is:

Fantasy Football 2007 - Jon and Erics' Team - Live from Dakar Senegal
Remaining Salary Cap: 9000
Total Salary Used: 991000
WR TJ Houshmanzadeh
$100 000
RB Willis McGahee
$200 000
QB Carson Palmer
$185 000
RB Joseph Addai
$360 000
WR Lee Evans
$60 000
RB Deshaun Foster
$12 000
QB Brett Favre
$26 000
QB Ben Roethlisberger
$25 000
WR Joey Galloway
$5 000
TE Daniel Graham
$3 000
D Jacksonville
$1 000
TE Dallas Clark
$1 000
WR Ronald Curry
$2 000
RB DeDe Dorsey
$1 000
D Green Bay
$7 000
K Jason Hansen
$1 000
QB Aaron Rodgers
$1 000
RB Musa Smith
$1 000


Jan Louis said...

you overpaid for Addai !!!

J said... least your name isn't Patrick Devine...oh, looking forward to learning where you do the next baseball draft from...

Mooning student feels 'sorry and scared' in prison
THE Irish student jailed in Senegal for 'mooning' has said he seriously regrets his actions.

Patrick Devine (19), from Donegal, has been in prison for the last three weeks after allegedly dropping his trousers in front of the home of the local governor.

joel said...

ps, j=joel

james said...

Ronald Curry will be much better than what you paid. Wish you would have spent less on Addai but who else could you get? Lee Evans was a steal too. Overall not bad from the other side of the world.