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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Some photos so far...

I can't format the photos and captions at the moment but I will write some captions and you can guess which is which. It's a fun game. Chris in the hotel room he rented for us in Dakar, it had no name so it took a while to explain to customs where I was staying. Chris and I eating on the roofdeck of the Ethipian Restaurant Lalibela. Doing laundry the world traveler way. Trying the rice and fish Senegalese specialty Thieb Djoujian, some of you may remember this from the dish in the Baysie Scavenger Hunt story. A highlighted map of my first few days in Senegal. A local compound in the land we hiked behind the fishing village of Ndangane. Me and Mamadou on the Piroque we took birdwatching in the mangroves and over to the island village of Mar Lodj. Inside the church that I recorded am Mp3 of the choir, took a photo with flash and took communion in the Catholic Church, it was quite a sacreligious morning, I'll have to check with Jeffrey about how much trouble I am in... A photo outside the church I defiled. 13 postcards written on a restday in Ndangane, the second set I wrote, these I left with a Peace Corps member we met in Tambacounda to mail in the hopes you'll get them before I return. Chris with Maimouna at our campment in Ndangane. Playing with 5 second exposures at dawn with a full moon in the old fishing part of Ndangane, before the LCD broke on the camera. The Ndangane Mosque at dawn. The streets of Ndangane at dawn. Me at the back of one of many packed minibuses, nothing tops the 12 people in a 7 seater station wagon for 24 hours to Guinea, two on the roof. A little slice of home, except that the whole town freaked out when I took it and wanted me to take pictures of them and give them money for them. Driving on a highway in Senegal literally is weaving an obstacle course of potholes, the cars drive across the entire road and nearly at right angles at times. Sitting in a hammock at the Peace Corps house in Tambacounda recovering from the potholes on the 12 hour trip from Ndangane to Tamba. Farmland around Manda where we waited all day for our taxi to Guinea to get full. Termites build homes instead of just eat them over here, actually I think this is what remains of a tree they ate. The car named "Good Luck" which got us into Guinea before breaking down and keeping us in Koundara overnight before a replacement car arrived. For the 36 hour trip we had 1 driver, 3 in the shotgun seat, 4 in the middle seat with Chris and I on the window ends thank god, 3 cramped into the back seat, abd 2 more on the roof who at one point squeezed into the trunk when the rain came... good times. The view of where bush taxis depart out the window of the hotel here in Labe. The breakfast sandwich man here in Labe, they have great french bread everywhere and tasty oranges as well, I love the food here. The main Mosque in Labe. That's it for now, I'm off to hike in the Fouta Djalon and hope my camera keeps working without the LCD. I'll upload more in a week or so from Conakry if I get the time. Otherwise back August 21st Insh'allah. In Labe for a taxi change for an hour or so, so I will put up some photos from the weekend. This is of Chris and I with le Dame de Mali, probably the most famous natural tourist site in Guinea. On top of the Mountain with the Dame below us, the next day we would hike all the way down into that valley and back, I'm sore. With some people headed to market while we went hiking, they sold us avacado and bananas, we didnt buy the chicken the woman is holding. The ride back to Labe started in a Puegot 504, once that broke down irreparably we hopped in the back of a lorry with about 40 folks for the rest of the trip.


J said...

very cool pictures..but cola in a wine glass. How uncivilized.

Jan Louis said...

WOW a true world traveler... Superb so far!!

Alexandra said...

Hey, I think I'm pretty good at your little picture game. Anyway, just hearing about the sardined passengers and regular breakdowns make me wildly appreciative of Greyhound, Chinatown, and Metro buses...not to mention pavement. You and Chris both look happy & healthy. I am so jealous.

james said...

Since this is the place I know you will go next...I will let you know that your fantasy baseball team is still in second place and mine is in 3rd. Woo-hoo!

I love the updates so far and look forward to seeing you and your folks when you get back.

Carpe Diem! As if I needed to tell you that!